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Who we are

We give animals in need a voice!

We are an association of animal rights activists and veterinarians who aim to make Koh Chang a better place for animals.

Our organization wants to become a state-recognized foundation in the foreseeable future. The approval has been submitted and is being examined.

Meet our Founder

Dr. Tookta Wipavee

Founding Partner - Veterinary

Mo Hernier

Founding Partner - Animal Welfare activist

“Thanks to the DLD Department we can castrate many more animals than planned. This brings us much faster to our goal of neutering all street dogs and cats on Koh Chang. ”

We are Very thankful!!!

Dr. Kuson

the 5 Pillars
of our commitment

Medical Care
Feeding hungry Animals
Help Point – Rescue Station

Help us

Saving Koh Chang's forgotten dogs and cats

While Koh Chang, the second largest island in Thailand, is best known for its beautiful temples, beaches and delicious cuisine, it hides a dark secret. Stray dogs and cats live all over the island on the streets, beaches, temples and the Jungle. When it becomes dark in the evening you see the massive number of stray animals walking arround. This has several reasons, because on the one hand people in Buddhist culture can do a good deed by feeding stray animals. This act of kindness helps dogs and cats survive, but it also means that they reproduce much more successfully. This, coupled with very limited, inexpensive options for  sterilization, means that countless puppies are born on the street every year. Many dogs often suffer from infectious diseases, mange, mainly due to the lack of medical care.

Koh Chang is home of thousands of stray dogs and cats who suffer from:

  • traffic accidents
  • hunger and malnutration
  • poisoning
  • dumping at temples
  • dumping on the streets because the “owners” are move away
  • drowning during the monsoon season 

Animal Voice Koh Chang has therefore set itself the goal of reducing the misery of animals on the street of Koh Chang by means of castrations. Since Koh Chang is an island, we have the best chance of being successful here.

Help us break through the misery of unwanted street dogs and cats. Donate so that we can spay/neuter as many animals as possible.

From our point of view, only the castration can improve the situation for Koh Changs forgotten Dogs and Cats. 

We thank you for your help and compassion.

The Team of AVKG

All animallovers together are AVKG.
Raise also you, together with us, your voice for animals in need!

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