Puko was bitten by a big dog when he was about two months old. He was paralysed. He was about to be put to sleep. But Puko showed every day how full of life he is. Puko copes very well with his disability. His bladder is emptied several times a day, so Puko can live …

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Rosso grew up on the street. He is a strong male with whom you can go for a walk. Rosso is about 6 years old and has already repulsed his horns a bit. He gets along with other dogs, but tends to dominate. Rosso would be the perfect individual dog. He is a beautiful male …

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Rosa is Rosso’s sister. She is a very nice female, but she also tends to be dominant. Just like Rosso, she doesn’t put up with anything. She dominates weak dogs. But she is a very nice bitch who would be a great single dog for sure. Or maybe together with Rosso? Definitely not for beginners. …

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Blind Adam

Adam is blind to 90%. He also is quite old. Therefore Adam needs people who know what they are doing. Namely to give an old dear dog a beautiful old age. Adam does not need much. He sleeps a lot and goes alone to pee. Nevertheless it would be nice if he could enjoy his …

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Mama is a lovely female who lived on the street. She has a crippled leg. She was no longer allowed into her territory by the other dogs near a temple and therefore she hid under a book. Mama is a weak but very loving female. For moma we want a home where she can just …

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Such a dog cannot be forgotten. Dignified, serious, a bit majestic, but very friendly and easy to contact. After his difficult street life, he didn’t really tolerate men for a while, but it was just a little reluctance, difficulty in making first contact. It is already much better, it is the effect of our socialization. …

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