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Animal Voice Help Point is  an emergency place, that is so desperately needed . This small sanctuary is built for the sick and helpless Dogs and Cats  which can not survive on the streets. 

Unfortunately it is not possible for us, to gut healthy dogs as we are not a shelter but a help point. We only take in animals temporarily. Old and handicapped animals can be admitted depending on capacity. 

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Le centre de secours serait un refuge temporaire pour les animaux gravement malades et blessés. Un maximum de 30 chiens peut être accepté en même temps. C'est pourquoi il est si important de pouvoir placer les animaux dans de bons foyers pour toujours. 
We work at a high level. For the poorest of the poor, only the best is good enough for us. Unfortunately, we are painfully aware that we cannot help all animals in the world. But when we help we do it on a high level without ifs and buts. Otherwise we rather leave it. That is our philosophy.

And although we are passionate about this Help Point, our main focus is still on neutering as many dogs and cats as we can afford. Because only these help to prevent misery before it arises.

our Protegés

We help Animals in need!

Our Long term
Protegés need
a Sponsor

they are old or Sick or have a trauma.
This dogs will Stay with us, Till they go
over the Rainbowbridge or find a Forever Home
by very special People who know what they do.
Because this dogs or Cats are not easy to handel.
And if they find a home it must be forever.
All Others are for Adoption.

Impressions de la vie quotidienne


Les animaux de Koh Chang ont besoin de votre aide !

Quel que soit le montant que vous choisissez de donner, vous pouvez être sûr que votre généreux don sera toujours utilisé de la manière la plus efficace possible pour aider le plus grand nombre d'animaux dans le besoin.

If you want to visit us and support our work, come along. Visiting times are from Mo-Fr. 2.00-4.00 p.m. 

Si vous souhaitez nous aider ou faire une promenade avec l'un de nos collaborateurs, venez. Les amis à quatre pattes se réjouissent du changement.


Animal Voice Koh Chang
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