Mama is a lovely female who lived on the street. She has a crippled leg. She was no longer allowed into her territory by the other dogs near a temple and therefore she hid under a book. Mama is a weak but very loving female.

For moma we want a home where she can just be and not have to go for a walk. For her, a solitary place where she is just loved would be ideal.

If you are ready to give a loving handicapped dog a home, please contact us.

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Such a dog cannot be forgotten. Dignified, serious, a bit majestic, but very friendly and easy to contact. After his difficult street life, he didn’t really tolerate men for a while, but it was just a little reluctance, difficulty in making first contact. It is already much better, it is the effect of our socialization.


Tom’s start in life wasn’t the best. He was found all alone with his Sister Amelia in the forest. Completely emaciated. When they got here, they first had to be separated and pepped up. But then they started. 🙂 The two are perfectly normal, unspoiled puppies who only deserve the very best in life. If

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