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With a sponsorship you enable us to support an animal in the long term. Namely until it has found a home or dies. You support not only this one animal but also other protégés.
Sponsorships can be taken over only for our long-term protégés who have almost no chance of finding a home and will probably always stay with us. 

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Puko was bitten by a big dog when he was about two months old. He was paralysed. He was about to be put to sleep. …



Rosso grew up on the street. He is a strong male with whom you can go for a walk. Rosso is about 6 years old …



Rosa is Rosso’s sister. She is a very nice female, but she also tends to be dominant. Just like Rosso, she doesn’t put up with …


Blind Adam

Adam is blind to 90%. He also is quite old. Therefore Adam needs people who know what they are doing. Namely to give an old …



Mama is a lovely female who lived on the street. She has a crippled leg. She was no longer allowed into her territory by the …



Such a dog cannot be forgotten. Dignified, serious, a bit majestic, but very friendly and easy to contact. After his difficult street life, he didn’t …

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The strays of Koh Chang need your help !

However much you choose to donate, you can trust it that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to help the maximum number of animals which are in need.

If you want to visit us and support our work, come along. If you have any questions about the situation for Animals in Koh Chang do not hesitate to ask us.

We are looking forward to meet you.

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