She is incredibly skittish but it’s easy to gain her trust. She no longer runs away from the better known “hand”. She is a quiet puppy but of course she likes to play among the other puppies. Especially with other dogs and a yellow tennis ball. She like the soft dog bed and having plushie toy for sleeping. Violet is using pee pee pads and a training leash for walking. she is ready to steal someone’s heart. If you are interested in this Beauty, please contact us. Thank you.

Agnesa 0966521830 or
Kaja 0615403858

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Puko was bitten by a big dog when he was about two months old. He was paralysed. He was about to be put to sleep. But Puko showed every day how full of life he is. Puko copes very well with his disability. His bladder is emptied several times a day, so Puko can live


Mizu is a FelV Positiv Cat that has also a cripeld leg. She will stay with us for a longer time we think. Therefor you can support her with a Sponsorship. Mizu would be very greatful. 

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