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As a volunteer, you go to the hand of our animals rights activists and help them manage everyday life with injured and sick dogs. You go for walks with dogs, socialize them and, after consultation, do everyday tasks that arise.

They need you!

Feedback from Lili 2022

What a great experience to live and work in this sanctuary for a bit more than a month. Even though it is definetly rigorous work it is very enjoyable. Learning to know the dogs and being be able to help them be better with humans or themselves is very rewarding. I was able to ask as many questions as i wanted about what the medicines were for, how the dogs became sick, whats the best food for which dog since Kaya and Agneska were always happy to give me the answers. You develop real consciousness for taking care of them and find yourself wanting to spend time with them outside the work hours which is gonna be a must sometimes in spontaneous maybe emergency situations. It is a very enjoyable place but if you are not ready to give from yourself maybe it is better to find a another host. 🙂

Feedback from Kathrin 2022

This was an absolutely amazing opportunity to get to live in the jungle with 20+ wonderful dogs. The dogs are absolutely wonderful and I fell in love with each and every one of them and their unique personalities. This isn’t an easy workaway, but it certainly is one of the most rewarding opportunities I have had. The hosts are lovely and understanding people and made my experience special, and even helped me renew my visa so I could stay longer, and ended up staying for 6 weeks. Koh Chang is a gorgeous and underrated island, and there is so much to do, see, and explore. If you are a traveler looking for a long term stay with meaningful work in and love animals then helpoint is the place for you!

Feedback from Christina and Nerea 2021

We just have good words to describe this wonderful animal unique experience in a beautiful place in the middle of the jungle.
We stayed in help point during nearly one month and now we understand why is important to stay at least three weeks because otherwise you don’t get to know the dogs, their routines and above all get confident with them. We would like to point out that this is a safe place for sick, old or rough street circumstances dogs. As a consequence all of them have special care at help point. We felt fullfilled as they taught us how to manage their special needs and medications. We were delighted to spend time not only with the animals but also with the hosts who became our family there.They made us feel as a part of a lovely community and we are so grateful that we were able to share this experience with all of them. Plus they showed us everything we needed to know and visit around Koh Chang Island and we had a really great time over there. They also provide us motorbikes to move around the island even for our free time We absolutely recommend this experience if you love animals, if you want to learn animal care and If you want be part of a family. Thank you for everything ☺️☺️

Feedback from John 2021

There is so much to tell about my stay in this very special beautiful place. I was received very nicely and of course immediately fell in love with the animals. The work went very well for me as a dog trainer. I enjoyed the nice team very much. I also enjoyed my free time very much despite covid. I found it very relaxing that there were no tourists.

The facility is very nicely designed. My room was beautiful. The dogs are well socialized and I gave as many pats as I could. I would love to adopt them all. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. It was my first stay in this sense and I found everything very inspiring. I made friends for life and I will surely come back. I can only recommend a stay at this place. Everything was clean and the dogs and cats well cared. All this nice animals need good people. There were a few tears at the end. I hope to see you soon. I will be back for shure.

Feedback from Dennis 2021

It was a big big pleasure and amazing experience to help at Animal Voice in Koh Chang. The Location is very comfortable for all the help needed animals, in my time most dogs. The Team and the Stuff included the clinic Team is super nice, special tanks to Agnes and Kaja who had lovely acceptance and hospitality.
My part was to socialice with the dogs, help them feeding and go for walks with them. Most i miss EMMA, my small lovely little Girl. Rosso, Adam, Rossa, Mamma, Violet, and many more of all these beautiful dogs i spent my time with made my time on Koh Chang soo much better.
I volunteered for around 1,5 weeks.

Definetly i will go back the next Time when i´m back in Thailand.

Do something good with your Time, and Volunteer at Animal Voice Koh Chang.

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However much you choose to donate, you can trust it that your kind gift will always be used in the most efficient way possible to help the maximum number of animals which are in need.

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You have to love animals and must be a good-hearted person. You will look back on your volunteer time fulfilled, because the animals will give you love and much more than you hoped for.

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